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Project Description

CRM 2011 - Thai Buddhist Era (BE) or Thai BE for short is a MS Dynamics CRM 2011 solution project which is created to fulfill the needs to use Buddhist Era in MS Dynamics CRM.

This project applies the Data Warehouse technique to create "Date" and "Time" entities which can be used as lookup fields from the other entities.

Although the design of this solution seems to be easy and straightforward but I would recommend you to ensure that you understand how this solution works. Otherwise, you might end up adding a significant complexity to your projects.

Last but not least, if you intend to replace the Date-Time system fields with these entities, do not forget to write Plug-Ins that do the auto-synchronization between the fields. Otherwise the out-of-the-box reports will fail to produce the correct results.

Installation Guide:
As I do not have time to write a comprehensive installation guide, I decided to create a VDO guide instead. Please check out the following URLs should you need a step-by-step installation instruction:

1. Installing Thai BE (1/3)
2. Installing Thai BE (2/3)
Installing Thai BE (3/3)


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